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Kültz Laboratory
Molecular & Evolutionary Basis of the Cellular Stress Response
Cellular Osmosensing & Salinity Adaptation of Euryhaline Fishes
Current Lab Members
Xavius Boone (Undergraduate Student)
Annelise Del Rio (Graduate student)
Jens Hamar (Graduate student)
Lorna Haworth (Undergraduate Student)
Chan Hee Kim (Graduate student)
Dietmar Kültz
Bryn Levitan (Graduate student)
Johnathon Li (Graduate student)
Elizabeth Mojica (Graduate student)
Tina Nguyen (Undergraduate Student)
Leah Rechlin (Technical Assistant)
Larken Root (Graduate student)
Elias Tita (Undergraduate Student)
Angelika Villapando (Undergraduate Student)
Zixin Yu (Undergraduate Student)
Lab Alumni
Peter Allen (Graduate Student 2002-2005, Postdoctoral fellow 2006-2008)
Kristina Avila (Technical Assistant 1998-2000)
Yingyu Cai (Undergraduate Intern 2011-2012)
Alessandra Carion (International Echange Graduate student, 2017)
Devulapalli Chakravarty (Postdoctoral Fellow 1999-2002)
Emily Chan (Undergraduate Intern 2010-2011)
Stephanie Chan (Undergraduate Intern 2007-2008, Technical Assistant 2008-2009, Graduate Student 2009-2011)
Iris Chan (Undergraduate Intern 2017-2018)
Nicole Chang (Undergraduate Intern 2012-2013)
Amery Chen (Undergraduate Intern 2008-2009)
Pazit Con (International Echange Graduate student, 2017-2018)
Brittany Cunningham (Undergraduate Intern 2013-2015)
Shifan Ding (Undergraduate Intern 2017)
Margaret Do (Undergraduate Intern 2017-2018)
Michael Doane (Graduate Student 2014-2015)
Gillian Donald (Highschool Intern 2011)
Wes Dowd (Graduate Student 2005-2010)
Chantal Du (Undergraduate Intern 2014)
Michelle Dulake (Undergraduate Intern 2008)
Elodie Falisse (International Exchange Graduate Student 2011)
Diego Fiol (Postdoc 2003-2009)
Beverly Gabert (Graduate Student 2003-2008)
Alison Gardell (Graduate Student 2008-2013)
Amy Gerety (MCIP rotation student 2014)
Andrew Gilbert (Undergraduate Intern 2011)
Albert Grunst (Undergraduate Intern 2008)
Roxanne Hanson (Undergraduate Intern 2009)
Shi Wei Hong (Undergraduate Intern, 2017 )
Maria Ihara (Undergraduate Intern 2008-2009)
Brittany Kammerer (Graduate Student 2004-2009)
Kiandra Kang (Undergraduate Intern 2004-2006)
Michelle Kelley (Undergraduate Intern 2013-2015)
Cath Kemp (Graduate Student 2007-2012)
Johannes Knueppel (Undergraduate Intern 2005-2006)
James Krause (Undergraduate Intern 2008-2010)
Jackie Lang (Undergraduate Intern 2009)
Jinoo Lee (Undergraduate Intern 2005-2006, Technical Assistant 2006-2007)
Xueyin Li (International Exchange Graduate Student 2015-2016)
Guangyu Li (International Exchange Scholar, Postdoctoral Ressearcher 2016-2017)
Cheng-Yu Li (Visiting Graduate Student from Ryan Earley's lab (Univ. Alabama))
Horace Liang (Undergraduate Intern 2010-2011)
Jean-Herve Lignot (Postdoctoral Fellow 2000-2001)
Anika Liljenwall (Undergraduate Intern 2006-2008)
Andreana Lim (Undergraduate Intern 2006-2008)
Raquel Lima (Postdoc 2003-2004)
Rachel Madison (Graduate Student 2007-2010)
Sally Mak (Postdoctoral Fellow 2002-2006)
Gurpreet Mathauda (Undergraduate Intern 2008-2009)
Hugh McClelland (Technical Assistant 2000-2002)
Cesar Morales (Undergraduate Intern 2008-2009)
Paige Mundy (MCIP rotation student 2015)
Darlene Paguio (Undergraduate Intern 2013-2014)
Tuan Pham (Undergraduate Intern 2013-2015)
Norm Ponferrada (Undergraduate Intern 2006-2007)
Goodin Renee (Davis Highschool Biotech. Intern, 2018)
Katherine Ridenour (Undergraduate Intern 2009-2010)
Sandra Rodriguez Cruz (Graduate Student 2013-2014)
Romina Sacchi (Technical Assistant 2009-2014)
Mario Salvagno (Highschool Intern 2008)
Desiree Sanchez (Graduate Student 2015-2017)
Enio Sanmarti (Undergraduate Intern 2005-2006, Technical Assistant 2007-2008)
Brian Sardella (Postdoc 2008-2010)
Jasmine Sarongelo (Undergraduate Intern 2004)
Amanda Schwabe (Undergraduate Intern 2008-2009)
Frederic Silvestre (Postdoctoral Fellow 2008-2009)
Peng Sun (Postdoctoral Researcher 2014-2015)
Adilakshmi Tadepalli (Postdoctoral Fellow 2001-2002)
Evan Tjeerdema (Undergraduate Intern, 2017 )
Lars Tomanek (Postdoctoral Fellow 2003-2005)
Theodore Tossany (Undergraduate Intern 2015)
Nelly Valkova (Postdoctoral Fellow 2005-2007)
Fernando Villarreal (Postdoctoral Fellow 2011-2014)
Anne-Sophie Voisin (International Exchange Graduate Student 2013, 2015)
Viet Vu (Undergraduate Intern 2008-2009 )
Xiaodan Wang (International Exchange Graduate Student 2014-2016)
Mark White (Undergraduate Intern 2004-2005)
Toni Wiegers (Graduate Student 2014-2016)
Nellie Wilcox (Undergraduate Intern 2009-2011)
Jeffrey Woo (Undergraduate Intern 2010-2011)
Pei Wu (International Exchange Graduate Student 2013-2014)
Lucy Xu (Undergraduate Intern 2017-2018)
Belinda Ye (Undergraduate Intern 2014 - 2017 )
Candice Young (Undergraduate Intern 2009-2011)
Yong-chao Yuan (Postdoc (2016-2017))
Reem Yunis (Postdoctoral Fellow 2003-2005)
Xuezhen Zhang (Postdoctoral Researcher 2012-2013)
Ceemone Zhao (Undergraduate Intern 2007-2008)
Qun Zhao (International Exchange Graduate Student 2014-2015)
Yafen Zhen (Undergraduate Intern 2014 - 2017 )
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